The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

It may be very touristy and there are other options but it was so much fun. As we booked very last minute we could only get an evening slot, so it was dark when we went. Going during daylight hours would definitely give you better photos but it doesn’t change the actual experience much. That evening there were winds of 50 mph and a wind-chill of about -18 degrees, we like an adventure!

There is a large and well organised changing room, mainly open plan although there are some cubicles if needed. You are given a wristband when you arrive and this acts as your locker key as well as a in-water credit card. The only thing I would note is that the lockers are not large and children do not get their own locker. The locker that I shared with my daughter was stuffed to the brim because we were wearing winter gear, boots etc. I’m not sure what we would have done if I had had more children or more stuff!

You are asked to shower before entering the water and are advised to put conditioner in long hair to stop the water damaging it. It was so cold outside that we wore our hats so I’d advise hats that you don’t mind getting covered in conditioner or getting wet.

There are two entry options in to the water. You can enter inside the building and out through a door in to the main lagoon or you can brave the elements and enter outside.

Despite the weather the water was like a very warm bath. The wind was very cold and uncomfortable but once we found a more secluded spot, we were fine. Pip was able to stand up comfortably in the water (she is about 140 cm).

Your entry gets you a face mask which you get from the face mask bar. This was lovely and left us with lovely soft skin although having a wet face when it was so cold did make things a bit more chilly.

You also get a drink included (although not with the children’s ticket). There was a range of alcoholic drinks, juices, soft drinks, smoothies and slushies. Further drinks can be bought using your wristband.

Shampoo and conditioner are available in the showers and hairdryers and moisturiser in the changing rooms. Towels are available as you come out of the lagoon.

If you choose to go for the upgraded tickets then you also get use of a bath robe.

As you leave, you scan your wristband and then pay for any drinks you have had. There is a café where you can get drinks and snacks and also a couple of different restaurant options. You can also book spa treatments.

Despite the extreme cold, Pip has declared it the best part of our holiday, it was certainly an adventure and unlike anything we have ever done before.

Top tips

Wear a hat if the weather is cold or windy, it really helps to keep you warm. Take one that you don’t mind getting wet or covered in conditioner.

Bring a waterproof phone or camera case. The wind meant that trying to keep upright with a camera in your hand was a little challenging.

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