A day trip to Delphi, Greece

The ancient Greeks considered the centre of the earth to be Delphi marked by a stone known as the Navel. Delphi, located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, is known mainly for it’s oracle through whom Apollo spoke. Nowadays it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and worth a visit to see it’s archaeological treasures.

We were dropped of in the modern town of Delphi and walked down to the Museum and Archaeological site (about a 10 minute walk). There is an entrance fee that covers the site and museum of 12,00€ per person.

The site consists of the Temple of Apollo, The Treasury of the Athenians, an Amphitheatre and a Stadium. You can wander up the hill at your own pace and there are signs in English.

The museum holds some of the treasures found on the site as well as statues. The most impressive being the Charioteer of Delphi. The treasures are displayed in chronological order and it is fascinating to see some of the offerings made to Apollo and Athena.

Slightly further down the hill is the Temple of Athena which is free to visit.

We visited Delphi as part of our Visit Meteora tour, from Delphi it is about a 2.5 hour bus journey to Athens. It would be a beautiful place to spend a couple of days but it is also very possible to visit for the day either by car, bus or on an organised tour.

We visited in April 2022 when Pip was 9.

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