Ninja Warrior, Leeds

Inspired by the UK TV show, Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park allows you to test your skills on the Ninja Warrior course and is fun for all the family.

What to expect:

There are two sections within Ninja Warrior UK, the Ninja Warrior course and the Airpark.

The Ninja Warrior course is in 3 sections each with it’s own wall challenge at the end. They start off on the easier side and get harder as you go along.

The Airpark is a bouncy castle obstacle course the size of a football pitch.

There is also a large cafe area that sells a big selection of food and drink and 5 party rooms.

On arrival there is a short briefing video to watch and a waiver to sign before entering the main area with the course and Airpark.


Entrance is by hour time slots and can be booked online here. On arrival you are given a coloured wristband and the end of each time slot is announced over the speaker system.

You will also need to purchase Ninja Warrior socks to go on the Airpark. There is the option of Ninja Warrior gloves as well if you want to take the course seriously.


Sports clothes are needed for the course and long sleeves and bottoms are recommended although there were plenty of people in shorts and t-shirts.

Trainers need to be worn on the Ninja Warrior course and Ninja Warrior socks for the Airpark. There are cubby holes next to the course for you to store your trainers when you are on the Airpark.

Minimum Age:

The minimum age is 4 and there is no maximum age. Children under 12 should have an adult on site with them at all times and younger children should be accompanied by an adult on the course and the Airpark.


The cafe seating area is right next to the Ninja Warrior Course so perfect for keeping an eye on your group. The Airpark is completely enclosed so you if you don’t have a ticket for the course then you won’t be able to go on it with the rest of your group or supervise as you can’t see further than the entrance. Spectator bands are available from reception that allow you on to the course but not on to the Airpark.


Lockers are available for free in the briefing room, they aren’t very big though so will only really take valuables that you don’t want to take on the course.


The cafe serves everything from breakfast through to hot snacks and pizzas and burgers. They also do hot and cold drinks. The menu also includes a small selection of Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options.

Our thoughts:

Pip had a brilliant time at Ninja Warrior UK and I was impressed by how clean and well run it was. The cafe also had a good selection of food and drinks. This is an excellent venue for a birthday party or a rainy day activity. The Aipark is fun for all ages and Pip enjoyed the Ninja Warrior Course although she wasn’t tall enough for some of the challenges and couldn’t reach high enough or stretch far enough. She still spend 2 hours running around with her friend and was exhausted by the end of it.

We visited in June 2022 when Pip was 10.

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