5 reasons you should visit Greece in April

If you are looking for a beach holiday with amazing weather and a warm sea or pool then April is probably not the best time to visit Greece, the weather can be unpredictable and the evenings chilly. But there are a lot of pros to visiting at this time of year, enough to make you think seriously about booking around Easter time.

1. The Spring Flowers

Everything is in bloom in April and it’s absolutely beautiful. The fields are full of crops, the tourist sites are covered with wild flowers and even the streets of Athens smell of blossom.

Later in the summer everything is very dry and dusty but in the warm April weather the flowers are blooming and everything is green.

2. Less People

There’s a rock in Meteora with a perfect view of the monasteries and the sun set. In the middle of summer you can expect to share it with 200 other people while watching the sun go down. When we were there, there was the 7 people on our tour, 2 Germans in a campervan and a cat! Granted there wasn’t really a sunset as it was slightly over cast but it was incredibly peaceful and atmospheric. April is the beginning of the tourist season and so you may be lucky and be the only ones visiting some of the major sites. Even if there are others around the lines are shorter and it’s easier to get away from the tour groups and get a front row view of everything.

Sunset rock in Meteora

3. You Will Feel Like The Queen

As Greece opened up for the tourist season, the hotels and restaurants are getting ready to welcome to the tourists back. Everywhere has been given a fresh coat of paint and cleaned within an inch of its life. So just like the Queen every where you visit will smell of fresh paint!

Freshly painted for the summer.

4. No reservations

In the height of the summer a restaurant reservation is a must, especially for those special spots overlooking the Acropolis or the sunset on Santorini. In April you have your choice of restaurant and you can walk in without a reservation.

5. The Weather

The weather in April can be unpredictable but is generally warm and sunny. Perfect for exploring those historical sights, that in Greece all seem to have a lot of steps or be built on big hills. The fact the weather was cooler meant we didn’t have to think about going at a cooler time of day or whether it would be too hot.

Poseidon’s Temple – Athens

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