Heddon Yokocho

Heddon Yokocho is like stepping back in time to Japan’s alleyway restaurants in the 1970s. Decorated with hanging lanterns and retro art it’s a really fun place to eat and the food is delicious. In fact it is Pip’s favourite restaurant in London.

Outside the restaurant you will find a giant bowl of noodles and a small seating area, inside there are a mixture of booths and tables and you can also eat at the bar watching the food being made.

Downstairs there is more seating and they even have Shuchu booths for single diners.

The food:

The menu is a selection of ramen dishes, hirata buns, katsu curry and side dishes. They have a selection of vegan dishes.

I am a big fan of the vegan miso ramen and Pip loves their chicken karaage.

They do a children’s set menu for £6.90 with a main, dessert.

The drinks menu at Heddon Yokocho is huge, they have a massive selection of cocktails and Japanese drinks to try.


Heddo Yokocho is off Regent Street in the West End.

Our thoughts:

Pip has declared this her favourite restaurant and we’re big fans too. We have eaten there several times and the food has been consistently good. The atmosphere is great too and it feels like a themed restaurant without any gimmicky theming.

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