Yolk Farm – Alpaca Experience

This year with Christmas being on a Sunday it felt like we had done all the Christmassy things by Christmas Eve, so we went for something completely unChristmassy and booked the alpaca experience at Yolk Farm. Absolute win!

The Alpaca Experience:

We met Andrea who walked us over to the Alpaca field and gave us an introduction to the herd. The alpacas usually live with the chickens and as they see them as part of the herd they are very protective of them. Currently the chicken are inside due to bird flu so it was just the alpacas.

Once in the field we let the alpacas approach us and spent time talking to them and feeding the carrots. Pip fell in love with a baby alpaca called Honey but they were all insistent on getting their share of the carrots. Some were braver than others and came close to inspect us and others took their carrot sticks but maintained a safe distance.

It was a really lovely experience as it was just the 3 of us with the alpacas and we had their full attention. Andrea was great at telling us all about them and I felt we learned a lot as well as just getting the chance to hang out with the herd.

The details:

The sessions run on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 1pm, they last about 45 minutes. Maximum group size is 4 and children must be over 5 years old. It’s bookable online on the Yolk website.

Yolk Farm:

Whilst at Yolk you can also meet some of the other animals as they also have pigs and goats. Yolk also has a farm shop and restaurant and the food is amazing so it’s well worth combing alpacas and a lovely meal.

We visited in December 2022 when Pip was 10.

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