One night in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Of all the places we visited in Croatia, Dubrovnik felt the most touristy and the busiest. That said it’s a gorgeous city and it would make a great city break and there are some fabulous bars and restaurants. Our time in Dubrovnik was short but we managed to fit a few things in.

What we did:

Dubrovnik cable car:

Above Dubrovnik old town is Srd Hill and Fort Imperial and the views of the old town are amazing. The cable car goes from outside the old town up to the Fort where there is a view point, bar and restaurant, shops and a museum.

The fort now contains the Homeland War Museum which is an interesting display of photographs and artifacts telling the story of Dubrovnik’s part in the war. I found it really interesting to read about Dubrovnik’s role in the homeland war and the experience of the people who lived there during that time.

There is also a hiking trail from the top to another Fort about 1.5km away and also an off road buggy experience.

Details of ticket prices can be found here.

Walk the walls of the old town:

The walls around the old city of Dubrovnik date back to the 13th century and are almost 2 km long. They include various towers and fortifications and a lot of steps!! We walked the length of the walls first thing in the morning and we were glad we managed to do it before it got too hot. There are various places along the walls where you can stop to get a cold drink or just to take in the views. We enjoyed being nosy and seeing some of the houses round the walls, we also spent time watching the sea kayaks going out to sea.

You can get tickets in advance online or at the various kiosks at the entrance points to the walls.

Eating and Drinking:

There is a huge range of place to eat ad drink in Dubrovnik, most of the tiny alleyways off the main street are full of seating for all of the bars and restaurants. There’s a huge range of cuisines and something for everyone. Our favourite restaurant was Bone Fide which is a Mexican restaurant. They had a great range of vegetarian and gluten free options and the service was brilliant.

Other things to do:

We spent some time shopping the souvenir shops including the Christmas shop, watching street performances, people watching and generally enjoying the old town. There were a couple of cruise ships in port while we were there and while there were big groups walking around we didn’t find it too busy.


We stayed in an apartment in the old town which was great because we were central to everything and walking distance from the shops and restaurants. The only downside was that it was quite noisy due to music and people at night and then rubbish being collected in the morning. It wasn’t a problem as we were only there for one night but might be worth considering if you are there for longer. Full information about our accommodation is here.

We visited in August 2022 when Pip was 10.

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