2 days in Split, Croatia

We based ourselves outside of Split in an Air BnB in Solin so we had the best of both worlds, the beautiful mountains and views and also everything Split has to offer.

What we did:

Zip Split:

We could actually see the zip lines from where we staying so the kids were really excited to have a go. Zip Split arrange collection in one of their mini buses from Split or your accommodation, if like us you are staying just down the mountain.

Zip Split have 6 Zip lines totalling 2500 metres and the views from the zip lines and the various view points are spectacular. The adventure ends with a 90 metre suspension bridge back to the Zip Split office before you are dropped off back where you started.

This really was an amazing way to see Split and a real adrenalin activity. It is suggested for ages 10 and over and there is a minimum weight for going on the zip line by yourself, if you’re not heavy enough you risk getting stuck half way. Pip and her friend who were 10 and 11 rode with one of the staff members. This is a definite ‘must do’ if you are visiting Split.

Split Old Town:

Split is a lovey town to wander the streets, explore some of the shops, bars and restaurants. we found some great independent shops and bars and generally enjoyed just exploring.

Tuk Tuk tour:

We did a tuk tuk tour of Split with Eco Tuk Split which took us out of the city to see some of the historic sites and take in the views of the city. We stopped in a couple of places and were able to get out and explore a bit. The tour lasted about 90 minutes and we didn’t book, in fact we didn’t even know that Split had tuk tuk tours until we came across them. If you like to be a bit more organised than us, you can book online.

White water rafting- Omis:

This isn’t a Split based activity but we did do it on our way from Split to our next stop in Bosnia. We did it with a company called Rafting Pirate who met us at a car parking spot and transported us by mini bus to the start of the white water adventure. This was probably Pip’s favourite thing of the whole holiday. We paddled down rapids, climbed over rocks, swam through a cave of freezing cold water and enjoyed the wildlife and scenery. Our guide was the company’s owner and we had a great afternoon chatting to him and hearing about the places he has white water rafted.

Getting around:

We had our own transport and parking was fairly straight forward. You can also get to Split by ferry from several places.

Things we didn’t get chance to do:

If you are a Game of Thrones fan then Split has a Game of Thrones museum that you can visit.

And there’s also Froggyland which I am very sad we didn’t get chance to visit.

We visited in August 2022.

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